It’s the time of the season – for free printables! Does anybody out there need a little help setting up their Bullet Journal this summer? Not to worry, I’ve got you covered! My monthly Bullet Journal setup is always available for download. So if these lazy, hazy days of summer have got you feeling…well, lazy…then scroll down for your free printables and you’re good to go! You can print these pages out to use in your A5 size journal, or download them to use in your digital journal! So grab your watercolor planning pack below! Supplies I used to create these pages: Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens (These are the pens I use for headers and calligraphy. They are so easy to use even for a beginner!) Sakura Pigma Micron Pens Staedtler Triplus Fineliners Colore Watercolor Paint Set  Pentel Aquash Water Brush Pens – These brushes are so easy to use and give…

One of the perks of using a Bullet Journal instead of a pre-fab planner is that you get to decorate it yourself! Your way, your style! One of the easiest ways to customize your Bullet Journal is by using creative headers and banners to title your pages. Unfortunately, sometimes fancy headers become a source of frustration. After all, who can compete with all those artists on Instagram! Coming up with Bullet Journal header ideas, and insecurity about your drawing skills can really ruin the journal experience.

The 3 Best Bullet Journal Layouts for Habit Trackers Habit trackers can come in all shapes and sizes. But the most popular and effective tend to come in 3 specific layouts. the traditional rectangle monthly, the circle tracker, and the mini tracker. Here’s the skinny on these three methods and why they work so well. Want to learn more about how and why to use a Habit tracker? Check out this post: 8 Ways to Use a Bullet Journal Tracker Traditional Monthly Habit Trackers The traditional monthly habit tracker is a classic for a reason. It is easy to draw out and allows you to track as many habits as you want! So if you’re a self-improvement junkie and enjoy monitoring a multitude of habits – this is the tracker for you! Here are some examples of the traditional Monthly habit tracker! Circle Habit Trackers Circle Trackers are…

Are you ready to get organized and develop a better daily routine? Maybe you have some big goals you’d like to accomplish, but you don’t know where to start. While developing a good system is an ongoing process, one simple first step is weekly planning. Look no further than the Bullet Journal weekly spread!

One easy and fun way to weekly plan is to use a weekly spread. Since weekly spreads allow you to see your entire week at a glance, you save room in your planner. They can also be customized to fit your needs. A weekly spread can hold not only your schedule, but also tasks, goals, meal planning, you name it! The options are endless!

The first step of any project is to gather the necessary supplies. The same is true when you start a journal or a Bullet Journal. You’ve got to have a dedicated notebook and pen ready, or your journaling dreams are toast. Now as I’ve said before, there’s no wrong way to choose your notebook and pen. The only thing that matters is your mindset about keeping a journal.  But I’m of the firm opinion that starting off with high quality ( and pretty!) supplies keeps you more motivated over the long term.

So, in an attempt to make your life easier, I’ve done the work for you! I’ve been journaling every single day for over 2 years and I’ve field tested dozens of different notebooks and pens. ( To see my top picks for notebooks, click here! ) in the selection below I’ve picked the not only the highest quality but the most affordable pens on the market now. So scroll down and get started on building your ideal journal kit with any one of these 8 sure to please pens!

Getting organized: why is it so hard? The house, the kids, the deadlines. Life gets complicated fast and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the tiny details that go into every day. While there are planners and apps that can help you organize your time, there are very few options for organizing everything else. This is where starting a journaling practice can be a lifesaver.

How to Start a Bullet Journal and Finally Get Organized!

Are you looking to get more organized, develop a better daily routine, or just feel like you’re actually getting things done? If so, a Bullet Journal might be right for you. This system is currently trending as one of the best planning systems you can use! In my own personal experience, starting a Bullet Journal was life-changing! So if you’re looking to take the plunge, here’s my guide on how to start a Bullet Journal of your very own.