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Summer is heating up and I am once again living my #bestlife vicariously thru my bullet journal. My July bullet journal setup has got me California dreamin’!

If you could use some beachy vibes of your own, my monthly Bullet Journal setup is always available for download. So if these lazy, hazy days of summer have got you feeling…well.. lazy…then scroll down for your free printables and you’re good to go!

Bullet Journal Pens 101

The first step of any project is to gather the necessary supplies. The same is true when you start a journal or a Bullet Journal. You’ve got to have a dedicated notebook and pen ready, or your journaling dreams are toast. Now as I’ve said before, there’s no wrong way to choose your notebook and pen. The only thing that matters is your mindset about keeping a journal. But I’m of the firm opinion that starting off with high quality ( and pretty!) supplies keeps you more motivated over the long term. So what are the best bullet journal pens?

In an attempt to make your life easier, I’ve done the work for you! I’ve been bullet journaling every single day for over 2 years and I’ve field tested dozens of different notebooks and pens. ( To see my top picks for notebooks, click here! ) in the selection below I’ve picked the not only the highest quality but the most affordable pens on the market now. So scroll down and get started on building your ideal journal kit with any one of these 8 sure to please pens!