Spring is here which means bikini season is just around the corner. A time of year when women over the age of 25 everywhere feel that panicked flutter in their hearts and reach for the dumbells. Me personally? I’m just a girl..standing in front of a salad. Asking it to be 3 tacos, queso dip, and a double margarita.

Whatever you’re torture of choice may be, spring usually comes with the all the panicked motivation you need to get in shape fast. As a planner geek and Bullet Journal enthusiast, my favorite part of this yearly ritual is – you’ve got it – tracking it! After all, what’s the fun of sweat and starvation without a good OL’ checkmark at the end of it? None at all, I say. None at all.

Here’s an epic list of ways to track your torture sessions, and stay motivated all the way to that big beach reveal. With these trackers to help, your beach bod will show itself in no time. Yellow polka dot bikini, anyone?

Cardio Queens

From the talented Boho Berry at bohoberry.com
Track your miles and feel like a rock star.
Core. The foundation of any bikini body. This is from Yuka Suzuki at lustthatbujo.com. Click here to check out more of her amazing work!
The almighty calorie tracked in a great big box. Motivation Indeed.



Weight Lifting Warriors

Check her out at sublimereflection.com!
Track it all! Plus visual aids!
This girl is accomplishing an awful lot!
An inspirational quote to keep you fired up. Check these girls out at productiveandpretty.com!

Yes to Yoga

Beautiful spread from @creativepinkbutterfly! Check her out on Instagram!
I’m loving this from @keepcalm.and.bulletjournal. One of my favorite Instagram feeds, check her out!
Sun salutations. Loving these colors.
Workout at home with your favorite youtube instructor! Yoga with Adrienne is always a treat.

Customize Your Own!

I’m a “do everything and hope that something works” kind of girl. This spread has worked great for me over the last few months!

I’ve considered offering this workout tracker as a free monthly printable. Anyone interested? Let me know in the comments, or feel free to contact me thru any social media!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of spreads! And to all the future bikini babes out there – Good night and Good luck!


Let me know what you think!

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