Unless you’re reading this post from your private yacht on an iPhone that hasn’t been released to the public yet — It’s probably safe to say sticking to a budget is part of your daily grind. I know some people get a thrill from a well-balanced ledger. Not me. However, I do get a thrill from keeping track of necessary information in a pretty Bullet Journal spread.

Managing money is an essential task and there are many ways to go about it. There are many wonderful digital options, but I do so love to keep all my plans together in one place. Basically, if there’s a way to put it in my Bullet Journal, I’m doing it.

Maybe you’re looking to keep better track of your spending or trying to save for that dream vacation. Maybe you just want a handy way to check if you remembered to pay the cable bill that doesn’t involve login passwords. Whatever your financial quandary, there exists a Bullet Journal spread to solve it.

Here’s some inspiration to get you closer to that private yacht. Happy tracking!


This expense tracker from schriftenzo is wonderfully detailed and beautifully blue!
Starting a Spending Log is a simple way to keep better track of your money. A small investment of time with a big impact!
This Bill Tracker is fun and easy to set up. It also enables you to keep track of individual bills for 6 months!
Laura Krenk Chytka @nerdy.teacher uses her Bullet Journal to keep excellent track of her spending. Check out the rest of her work on Instagram!


Productive and Pretty created this fantastic spread to track her savings for specific events. I love the envelopes!

Weeshare.net shared this fun savings tracker. Coloring in those bricks would be mighty motivating!
Bex at @painted_illustrated created this to track her savings progress for specific items. Brilliant! Check out her work on Instagram for more inspiration!



Bee May of bumblingbujo explains how she budgets in her Bullet Journal in this post. I love the look of this spread!


Jessica of prettyprintsandpaper.com goes in depth on budgeting with a Bullet Journal. Beautiful spread and top notch advice!
I’m in love with these decorative details! Great way to liven up a dry subject and stay motivated!
This spread outlines all the steps for a total money makeover! Bullet Journaling really shines when it comes to long-term planning.



Let me know what you think!

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