Hey, guys! Welcome! I’m the “Sheena”, behind Sheena of the Journal.  I never liked my name as a kid, but it does work well in a pun. I’m very excited and very nervous to be here. Nervousited? I’ve struggled with starting this blog for almost a year. As a busy mom of 3, this venture loomed like too much time, too much work, too much talking! (#introvertproblems). But I’m here now, taking the plunge. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone for sure, but I’ve been inspired.

For years I collected stacks of beautiful notebooks with no idea how to fill them. If you don’t put down something poetic and meaningful its ruined, right?! Well, no, but it feels that way. My struggle with journaling wasn’t just a perfectionist problem, it was a struggle with self-expression in general. When you are constantly editing yourself in life, it’s hard to be open and honest on paper, even if you know you’re the only one who will ever see it.

In late 2015 I found myself coming up for air after a whirlwind year and a half with my new baby. He was finally walking, talking, and a little more self-sufficient. Some breathing room was opening up to me. It felt like I was coming home to myself, a ragged and war-torn survivor with a touch of post-traumatic stress (seriously, show me an Elmo pacifier and I start rocking back and forth in the corner). I needed to start taking some control of my schedule, get my life organized again, and say hi to my own thoughts and feelings again – which get pretty jumbled and crazy when you’re in the trenches with a decidedly unreasonable 1-year-old.

I decided to start a Bullet Journal after my good friends Pinterest and Instagram generously shared with me the beautiful pages of Boho Berry and Wunderstastisch (Maybe you’ve heard of them? Terribly unpopular those two, poor things😉 ). I bought yet another beautiful notebook and began to fill the pages with my life. Mundane things, like laundry, my plans for dinner and what to bring to the class party. Nothing intimidating about that. But the act of writing every single day opened a window in my brain. Suddenly I was drawing again, though I hadn’t in over ten years. Suddenly sharing my true feelings on the page isn’t so scary. Maybe I would even enjoy sharing my feelings regularly – to another person! 😲So a work of literary and artistic glory, no it was not. But meaningful…Yes! Perhaps even a bit poetic, at times.

So anyway, long story short, that’s why I’m here.  I’ll be hanging out here, to share what I know and what I’m learning about journaling, parenting, and the care and keeping of your sanity in insane times. I hope you’ll keep coming to see me, and please share your own thoughts, questions, and superior knowledge in the comments below!

Talk to you soon!

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  1. I think you should have started your blog long ago. Also, I love your Instagram. I’m brand new to Bullet Journaling and found great inspiration on your Instagram. Can’t wait for your next blog!!!

    • Thank you so much! That really makes my day :). I was so nervous to put myself out there but I’m glad I did. I’m going to try to have a new blog post every Tuesday, so fingers crossed! Do you post any of your Bullet Journal pages to Instagram? I’d love to see!

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