When you first start using a Bullet Journal, Its easy to get confused by all those kooky symbols and icons. Dots, circles, X’s, Squares – what does it all mean? And why does it make you more organized? A Bullet Journal Key is the answer and part of what makes the bujo system so superior to other planners.

But what is a Bullet Journal key? In this post, I’m going to explain exactly what a “key” is and why you need one! Let’s dive in!

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September Bullet Journal printables hot off the presses! For most people in the northern hemisphere, September means back to school and the promise of autumn.  Coffee is a dominant theme in my setup this month because back to school for me means back to getting up at 6:30 AM!

I hope you enjoy my September setup! Grab these as an instant download and make the most of your September! You can print these pages out to use in your A5 size journal, or download them to use in your digital journal! So grab your handpainted watercolor planning pack below!

Supplies I used to create these pages:

For a full explanation on each of these spreads and how I use them for monthly planning check out this post Monthly Planning 101: The Essential Bullet Journal Guide!

September 2018 Monthly Bullet Journal Setup

September Bullet Journal Printables pack!

I’ve created a huge pack of 16 planning printables for September! Here’s what you’ll get in the September 2018 planning pack:

  • Watercolor Hello September
  • Quote of the month
  • Monthly Calendar
  •  Goals and Tasks Worksheet
  • Habit Tracker
  • Mood Tracker
  • Gratitude Log
  • Memories Page
  • 4 Weekly Spreads

Watercolor Cover Page

September cover page for your bullet journal! Instant Download!For more info on Bullet Journal Cover Pages and why to use them, check out Hello Pages for your Bullet Journal.

Quote of the Month

Hand lettered quotes for your bullet journal. Available as an instant download!

Do you love inspirational hand-lettered quotes for your journal? Download my pack of 12!

Monthly Calendar, Goals, and To Do list

September bullet journal calendar.Need help planning your month? Check out Monthly Planning 101!

September Habit Tracker

Coffee themed bullet journal habit tracker! Instant download!

For more info about Habit Trackers, check out The Best Habit trackers to Try Now!

September Memories Page

Printable memories page for your bullet journal!

September Circular Mood Tracker

I love using a circular mood tracker! The sun and the moon indicate morning and afternoon, so you can get a comprehensive look at your entire day! And it’s coffee themed!

Coffee themed circular mood tracker for your bullet journal! Instant Download!

For more info about Mood Trackers, check out Amazing Mood trackers for your Journal!

4 Weekly Spreads

Printable weekly spreads for your bullet journal!

Four weekly spreads, one for every week in September!

Each weekly spread includes a section for your Weekly Schedule, To Do’s, Meal planning, Shopping list, a Tracker (for things like water intake, hours of sleep, etc), and a section for Next Week. At the bottom of the boxes for each day is a place to record the weather.

Here’s an example of how you can use the Tracker on your weekly spread.

Assign things you want to track over the week like water intake, sleep, exercise, etc, and write those along the bottom. Pick a different color for each. Then put a dot under each day up to the amount you accomplished on the number scale. For instance, you see in the example on Monday  I drank 6 glasses of water. As far as exercise goes, Monday I didn’t get a lot -so on a scale of 1-10, I gave it a 1. I use a line graph because I like the look of it, but you could also use a bar graph.

These weekly spreads are the life’s blood of not only getting more organized but also staying that way! Weekly planning is THE way to stay on track with your goals!  And now I’ve taken all the prep work out of it. Simply download and stick in your journal!

You can pick up this entire package in my shop! Click here to get yours!

And of course, I can’t let you walk away without freebies. I’m offering the September Cover Page, Quote of the Month, Monthly Calendar and  Goals and Tasks pages all for FREE!

September bullet Journal Printables

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Perfect DIY Stickers

I highly recommend printing them out on these Avery shipping labels. I know, it sounds weird, but they fit absolutely perfectly in any A5 size journal (roughly 8×5). No wrinkled paper or awkwardly taped edges, just a smooth easy transition from my journal to yours :). They’re the perfect DIY sticker!

For more info on how to use an Avery Label as a DIY sticker, click here.

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This week I am currently buried under a mountain of school supplies getting my 3 kids ready for back to school! Luckily, the talented Marlena from @apenandapurpose offered to share her bullet journal wisdom! She’s applying her training as a licensed psychologist to show how you can use a bullet journal to change your habits! Let me introduce you guys to Marlena and I’ll let her take it from there!

Marlena is the blogger behind, where she writes about using journaling for self-improvement and reaching goals in life and business.  Using her experience as a licensed psychologist, she teaches people how to break through negative thoughts and fear to do what matters.

August Bullet Journal Printables For August’s Bullet Journal printables, I’m taking a walk on the sentimental side.  For most people in the Northern hemisphere, August is the last stretch of those long summer days. Though I’m not a big fan of summer, I do like to indulge in a bit of nostalgia now and then. And what could be more nostalgic than catching fireflies in the twilight as summer fades away? I hope you enjoy my August setup! Grab these as an instant download and make the most of those last days of summer! You can print these pages out to use in your A5 size journal, or download them to use in your digital journal! So grab your watercolor planning pack below! Supplies I used to create these pages: Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens (These are the pens I use for headers and calligraphy. They are so easy to use even…

It’s the time of the season – for free printables! Does anybody out there need a little help setting up their Bullet Journal this summer? Not to worry, I’ve got you covered! My monthly Bullet Journal setup is always available for download. So if these lazy, hazy days of summer have got you feeling…well, lazy…then scroll down for your free printables and you’re good to go! You can print these pages out to use in your A5 size journal, or download them to use in your digital journal! So grab your watercolor planning pack below! Supplies I used to create these pages: Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens (These are the pens I use for headers and calligraphy. They are so easy to use even for a beginner!) Sakura Pigma Micron Pens Staedtler Triplus Fineliners Colore Watercolor Paint Set  Pentel Aquash Water Brush Pens – These brushes are so easy to use and give…

One of the perks of using a Bullet Journal instead of a pre-fab planner is that you get to decorate it yourself! Your way, your style! One of the easiest ways to customize your Bullet Journal is by using creative headers and banners to title your pages. Unfortunately, sometimes fancy headers become a source of frustration. After all, who can compete with all those artists on Instagram! Coming up with Bullet Journal header ideas, and insecurity about your drawing skills can really ruin the journal experience.

Summer has hit the South and it’s a doozy! I don’t know if you know much about the climate of the south-east, but let me paint you a picture. Spending a summer in Georgia is like spending the winter in Antarctica. It’s HOT! Needless to say, if you need to find me, I’ll be camped in front of the air conditioner with a cold drink and a Bullet Journal. To distract myself from the relentless heat, I’ve designed 18 new Bullet Journal printables for June!

It’s time for a giveaway! In fact, it’s time for a really BIG giveaway! I’ve teamed up with nine other bloggers to offer you, my lovely readers, three HUGE sets of  Bullet Journal supplies! Notebooks, Fountain pens, Brush pens, stamps, stickers, anything your journaling heart could desire! Get ready for the ultimate Bullet Journal giveaway of 2018!

The 3 Best Bullet Journal Layouts for Habit Trackers Habit trackers can come in all shapes and sizes. But the most popular and effective tend to come in 3 specific layouts. the traditional rectangle monthly, the circle tracker, and the mini tracker. Here’s the skinny on these three methods and why they work so well. Want to learn more about how and why to use a Habit tracker? Check out this post: 8 Ways to Use a Bullet Journal Tracker Traditional Monthly Habit Trackers The traditional monthly habit tracker is a classic for a reason. It is easy to draw out and allows you to track as many habits as you want! So if you’re a self-improvement junkie and enjoy monitoring a multitude of habits – this is the tracker for you! Here are some examples of the traditional Monthly habit tracker! Circle Habit Trackers Circle Trackers are…