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Hi there! I’m Sheena and thanks for visiting. I’m a Bullet Journal enthusiast, mother of three rug rats, and introvert extraordinaire. Here, I’ll be talking about better ways to organize your time and your family, one journal page at a time.

As an introvert, I find writing an “about me” page both nerve-wracking and somewhat pointless. After all, who really wants to know that I love salty snacks, the color purple, and rainy days? How boring to go on and on about yourself. But I realize that despite the trivial nature of the info, I too have found myself pouring over the bios of my favorite bloggers, soaking in ridiculous details with relish, and then referring to them on a first name basis in my mind as if we’ve always been BFF’s. Not creepy at all, right? Not to worry, my secret best buds, actual stalking is too much personal contact for me.

So I guess that opens the door to the first thing about me. I’m a high-functioning introvert in an extroverted world. I have three kids, who are all very cute, and very loud. I’ve been happily married to my best friend and teenage sweetheart for almost 15 years. We’re part of a very large Italian family with six brothers and six sisters between us. (I don’t make a distinction between in-laws and blood relatives — they’re all my sisters and bros.) If you’ve never hung with Italians before, let me tell you: the stereotype is true. Our family dinners are deafening. There’s yelling, laughing, and sometimes a little crying. How else are we supposed to respond when the wine is flowing and an opera song comes on? Or you know, we remember that opera exists. It’s only natural.

Having a big family is wonderful, but Mama cannot live on noise alone. That’s where the rest of the fun facts about me come into play. I read voraciously, often many books at a time. After all, sometimes the mood calls for a trashy novel, and sometimes you just have a hankering for The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition. (Ah, DSM-5, you sexy minx!) I exercise a lot, mainly because I really hate dieting; I analyze, I draw, and I plan, and I take the time to sit in silence and think to my heart’s content. I’ve found the key to me and most women — glorious, complicated goddesses that we are — is finding that balance between the many roles, many needs, and many people we care for.

My Bullet Journal has opened the way to combine my need for structure with a creative outlet —  something my spreadsheet of a mind wasn’t sure was possible. Doesn’t creativity come with chaos and bursts of erratic emotion? Well, sure it can, and more power to the genius fireballs that make it work. But for the rest of us, I’m here to show how I’ve used my journal to bring balance and order to my life, take better care of my family and myself, and yes, occasionally burst with erratic emotion.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey as I share my practical strategies for family life, self-confidence, and, yes, a little peace and quiet :). The goal: world domination! a happy balanced life with a dash of female empowerment. The tool: a bullet journal. Let’s do this!

If you’d like to talk, shoot me a message below!

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