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If you’ve been reading my blog this year you might have noticed I’m a little obsessed with creating my bullet journal monthly spreads. Before I started journaling regularly, I used to take things as they came. That may sound super chill, but the results were anything but. Because I wasn’t planning ahead, things would slip thru the cracks. I was always busy, but curiously unaccomplished. This is because I was being “reactive” instead of  “proactive”.

When you first start using a Bullet Journal, Its easy to get confused by all those kooky symbols and icons. Dots, circles, X’s, Squares – what does it all mean? And why does it make you more organized? A Bullet Journal Key is the answer and part of what makes the bujo system so superior to other planners.

But what is a Bullet Journal key? In this post, I’m going to explain exactly what a “key” is and why you need one! Let’s dive in!

Already a Bullet Journal expert? Scroll down to see tons of creative examples of Bullet Journal keys!

I’ve been a part of the journaling community for a few years now. In this community, we share ideas, techniques, and best of all, our pages. I’ve seen thousands of different layouts from hundreds of different people.  Being the psychology nerd that I am, I’ve unearthed some patterns. While everyone’s journal is unique to them, your personal style will usually fall into one of six categories.

What’s your Bullet Journal style? I’ve designed a super fun, fast and easy quiz to help you discover where you fall on the Bullet Journal spectrum. Click below and discover your planner personality!*

November Bullet Journal Setup

It seems as the holiday season gears up so do our stress levels, am I right? There’s just too much to do! For me organizing my tasks in my bullet journal becomes absolutely essential! So this month I’ve tried to infuse a little calm into my November bullet journal setup with a sleepy fox and one of my favorite quotes ever.

” Too blessed to be stressed.”

Printable October Bullet Journal Setup

Sooo..I went a little rogue with my pages this month. No pumpkins for October! What?! I know, right! Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good October pumpkin. But I broke the mold and decided to shake things up! Now I know a black cat isn’t entirely unexpected for October, but not obsessing over pumpkins is a big step for me! I hope you enjoy my October Bullet Journal setup!