Bullet Journal


Time for another monthly planning session! April is around the corner and I’ll be honest, I’m happy see March go. March proved to be as tumultuous a time as I expected. After several school events, a big family wedding, and unfortunately, 2 funerals, I’m in need of a lazier month. April isn’t completely the snooze fest I’m dreaming of, but It’ll do.

We all know bullet journaling is addictive. It’s even more addictive to watch how other people journal, and compare yourself. I often get caught up gazing at all the inspiring bullet journal pages I have streaming thru my social media feed on a daily basis. The colors..the fonts..the productivity.. if I were a cartoon my eyes would be giant glossy hearts, and there would be some kind of soft rock playing in the background.

As a parent you might feel starting a bullet journal is out of your reach. A notebook without crayon scribbles AND accomplished tasks…dream on. I’ve got band practice, bathtimes, dinner to cook, toys to trip over, crying fits to sooth, homework to resent, spills to clean, sleep to be abruptly woken from, more spills to clean, etc.

What do you want to accomplish this year? January usually brings with it the conviction to have a better year than last year, and the idealism that convinces us we can do it. But by the time March rolls around, maybe you’re starting to feel a little burned out. Personally, my conviction to have a great year has become a burning conviction to sleep in. The couch is starting to look a lot better than the treadmill, and I’ve developed a very well reasoned argument against low-carb diets. The beginning stage of any new habit is hard, and it doesn’t start to feel good until you get over that hump. If you’re one of the many who’ve hit a rough patch on the road to success, here’s a simple tool to get you back on track.

I can’t believe it’s March already! It already feels like spring in the south, and I’m sad to see winter go. With the turn of a new month, it’s time for a new monthly planning session.

I’ve always considered March to be a very unpredictable month. The change from winter to spring is extreme. It feels like opposing energies swirling thru the air, fighting for dominance. We could be in for warm temperate breezes – or a snow storm! In March anything goes. I’m heading off this temperamental month as best I can – with a good plan!

February is here, and it’s time to plan a new month in my Bullet Journal. Monthly planning has become an essential part of my routine. As a busy mom of three, one still in diapers, It’s easy to get to the end of the month and wonder “ Where did the time go?” “How am I this tired without having accomplished anything?” ” Is that a cheerio stuck to my forehead?” These are the planning pages I use to avoid asking myself those questions. Except for the cheerio one. My planning routine has yet to save me from projectile cheerios. Some day, bullet journal, someday.