April Setup with 6 Free Printables!

Time for another monthly planning session! April is around the corner and I’ll be honest, I’m happy see March go. March proved to be as tumultuous a time as I expected. After several school events, a big family wedding, and unfortunately, 2 funerals, I’m in need of a lazier month. April isn’t completely the snooze fest I’m dreaming of, but It’ll do.

Bullet Journal March Setup with 6 Free Printables!

I can’t believe it’s March already! It already feels like spring in the south, and I’m sad to see winter go. With the turn of a new month, it’s time for a new monthly planning session.

I’ve always considered March to be a very unpredictable month. The change from winter to spring is extreme. It feels like opposing energies swirling thru the air, fighting for dominance. We could be in for warm temperate breezes – or a snow storm! In March anything goes. I’m heading off this temperamental month as best I can – with a good plan!